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The world of sweet water aquatics is coming to you soon in a form of our new game AquaFishCare. Get ready not only for fish, but also plants, shrimp, and snails, in a game where features of simulator melt seamlessly with arcade styled games.

Progress from a small bowl of water with few guppies into mega aquarium full of life and beauty that the world has never seen before. But be aware, all life forms have their own demands. Can you meet them all? We bet you can!

Game Features

The growth

By getting a fish or plant your job is not done at all. Feed them, take care of them, and match their need to allow them to grow to their full potential. Selling your grown-up fish and plants is an opportunity for you to make big profits.

Your choice

During the gameplay you will unlock many fish, plants, and other features. So, it is your choice to make which aquatic life you choose to inhabit in your aquarium. Or will you find a way to inhabit there all life forms at once? We wonder...


More exotic life forms, no matter if fish or plants, have higher demands for their survival and prosperity. Help them by improving your aquarium using many types of decoration and upgrades and create thrilling eye candy environment that is worth staring at.

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